• Goods receipts, Goods receipts note preparation through SAP. We run a real-time supply chain with SAP SCM(Supply Chain Managemnt) software. we meet our customer expectations,and achieve faster-than-fast responsiveness – with supply chain management (SCM) software from SAP. We use technologies such as the Internet of Things,and advanced analytics to run a real-time supply chain.
  • Documents preparation for issuing goods, Courier booking and collecting receipt. Our Company maintains procedures document defines step by step how the activities in the warehouse should be carried out and clearly defines the processes to be adopted.
    The procedures will normally provide the step by step guidance on how to manage each aspect of warehousing and may cover:
    receiving and issuing of supplies;
    quality control or verification;
    storage of goods;
    how to control stock movement (stock control);
    documentation flow;
    how to detect and deal with stock losses;
    how rejected material will be managed; and how to deal with unwanted material, obsolete and scrap, disposal.
  • Forwarding dispatch details to all concern. we will deal with auctions and direct sale, working in close cooperation with our clients and other employees of Surplex. our tasks will includes efficient organisation of safe dismantling, shipping and collection of machinery. You will be obliged to maintain relations with all participants of those processes and prepare necessary documentation concerning inland and maritime transport, as well as take care of other responsibilities that are crucial to complete a given project.
  • Inventory Management, Facility Management, Record Management. Integrating sales, inventory, and operations processes to facilitate collaborative decision making across the enterprise. With sales inventory and operations planning solutions from SAP, our organization can balance demand and supply profitably and pursue optimal product availability.
  • Distributing of products all over India to their representatives. We optimize our clients’ overall logistics system and provide overall contact logistics services by taking advantage of an array of distribution functions, from product and cargo pickup, storage, inspection, sorting, labeling and other logistics processing at warehouses; delivery to designated recipents; import / export freight forwarding; to IT-based supply chain management.
  • Fork lift operating, Rack and Bin system following Warehouse Management System. We choose best materials handling equipment. Whether it is forklift, sweeper or scrubber, or a specialised piece of equipment, we have the right machines services for you.
    The Jungheinrich truck guidance system is able to optimise our warehouse system. Depending on the transport order and priority, the transport orders are sorted into a prioritised sequence and sent to the appropriate truck as a job order.

Basic characteristics of our Jungheinrich truck guidance system is :

  • . Reduction of distances

  • . Multi-stage transports

  • . Optimum control

  • . Avoidance of waiting times

  • . Congestion-free guidance

  • . Even utilisation